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These little date balls are quick and easy to prepare with 6 simple ingredients. They are a good choice for a treat because they provide good sources of healthy fats and fiber - and they taste great. Remember that they are rich and energy dense so enjoy them in moderation as treats in place of a biscuit or chocolate. Watch how quick and easy these are to prepare on the youtube video below. Date Balls   Print Prep time 15 mins Total time 15 mins   Author: Stacey Fischer Recipe type: Snack, treat Serves: 20 Ingredients 2 cups Medjool Dates (remember to pit these!) 1 cup Pecan Nuts
 (raw and unsalted) 1 cup Almonds
 (raw and unsalted) 1 cup Desiccated Coconut 2 tbsp Coconut Oil 1 tsp Vanilla Essence Instructions Place the pecan nuts, the almonds and the coconut in a powerful blender or food processor – bend until it forms a flour-like consistency. Add the dates, coconut oil and vanilla essence – blend until sticky Use a tablespoon to scoop out the mixture, roll into a ball in the palm of your hand - slightly smaller than a golf ball size. Roll each ball in some desiccated coconut. [...]

  • Raw Chocolate Bombs- Ingredients: A teaspoon of cocoa


Since I was a small child I have always been a huge chocolate addict. Chocolate just makes me happy and (small confession) I absolutely cannot go a day without it! I always feel a bit guilty eating a chocolate with my afternoon tea knowing the processed and modified ingredients that go into it – never mind all the sugar! So I’m on a bit of a mission to find a healthier alternative to my afternoon chocolate fix. These little raw chocolate bombs hit the spot! Obviously they are fairly rich in energy so enjoy them in moderation. However, I do find that when choosing a ‘clean’ treat like this, that is homemade from natural unmodified ingredients, that I am far more satisfied, one really is enough. A regular chocolate bar on the other hand is never enough and I’m always left feeling hungry for more. This is most likely because these little treats are packed with healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber from the seeds and nuts that help slow the release of sugar from the dates and dried cranberries. Try choose unsweetened dried cranberries – these usually have a greater antioxidant content and obviously lower sugar content. [...]

  • Chewy oatmeal apple biscuits: Recipes from All Nourish dietitian- Stacey Fischer


This recipe for chewy oatmeal apple biscuits is modified from Ella Woodword’s Chewy Sultana Cookies ( if you’ve had your head under a rock and don’t know who she is, you should check out her blog – she is amazing!! I have always loved chewy oat biscuits, so these are a great whole food replacement. These are really easy to make and don’t require any fancy ingredients or equipment. CHEWY OATMEAL APPLE BISCUITS   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 35 mins   Author: Stacey Fischer Serves: 20 biscuits Ingredients 4 ripe bananas 4 sweet apples 1 cup crushed pecan nuts 2 cups oats 2 tsp mixed spice 1 tsp cinnamon ¾ cup dried cranberries 3 tbsp honey Instructions Preheat the oven on to 200°C Peel and mash the bananas Grate the apples. I put these in the food processor because I’m lazy, but if you have time and want a good arm workout you can just grate them using a regular grater skin and all. Drain the excess fluid from the apples through a sieve. Mix apples and bananas with oats, pecan, cranberries, cinnamon and mixed spice. Add 1 tablespoon of honey at [...]