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10 Day Reset Plan

Do you feel stuck in a rut and not sure where to start to improve your health and eating habits?

This 10 Day Reset Plan has been formulated just for you.

It is easy to follow and provides simple and quick whole food meals and snacks that are easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle. The 10 Day Reset Plan shows you how to choose clean unprocessed foods and incorporate them into your lifestyle without having to rely on on-the-go heavily processed foods. The 10 Day Re-Set plan aims to make you feel more energised an reinvigorated. It should help ‘Re-Set’ your system by reducing your reliance on caffeine, sugar and processed foods to get you through the day.

The 10 Day Re-Set Plan includes:

  • 10 Day Sample Menu Plan
  • Recipes for snacks on the go, healthy quick breakfasts and simple easy-to-put-together lunches and dinners
  • Shopping list
  • Guidelines on how to choose clean, whole foods and integrate them into your daily routine

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