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Breakfast cereals made up a large part of my diet for most of my student years. I was one of those girls who could eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately this came at the cost of my waistline as well as feeling chronically fatigued. When I learnt of how poor this food was for my body I kicked the habit, but I must admit I still do enjoy a delicious bowl of crunchy cereal. Sadly, almost all store bought granolas are laden with sugar, salt and other chemicals and preservatives. Making a good quality granola at home can save you a lot of time in the mornings and help you avoid the high sugar, chemical-laden supermarket varieties. I have included this recipe in the 10 day Reset guide as it is so easy to make, it tastes delicious and it can easily replace the ugly store bought product currently in your pantry. This banana chocolate granola is made up from predominantly nuts and seeds, which provide healthy fats to keep you fueled and feeling full through the morning. There are natural sugars in the recipe to give the granola flavour. This sweetness comes from the [...]


‘I just don’t have the time in the morning’ – this is all too familiar, I hear this phrase from so many of my clients. It should not be new information that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so many people skip this meal or rely on high sugar, high salt, processed breakfast cereals. Overnight oats provides an easy solution; prepare your breakfast the night before and it is ready to eat within seconds the next morning. You can even make your oats in a jar so you can take it with you to work. Oats are a great choice for breakfast because they are high in fiber and the sugar content is less 1g per 100g. Oats also have great heart protective benefits, their high content of soluble fiber, particularly the type called beta-glucan can help lower LDL cholesterol. Oats also contain a unique antioxidant compound called avenanthramides, which help prevent free radicals from damaging LDL cholesterol, which reduces risks of heart disease.   BASIC ESSENTIALS FOR OVERNIGHT OATS: Oats: Choose the steel cut or old fashioned oat varieties as over the quick cooking or instant oats. Liquid: Plain Yoghurt / Milk / Nut [...]