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Breakfast cereals made up a large part of my diet for most of my student years. I was one of those girls who could eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately this came at the cost of my waistline as well as feeling chronically fatigued. When I learnt of how poor this food was for my body I kicked the habit, but I must admit I still do enjoy a delicious bowl of crunchy cereal. Sadly, almost all store bought granolas are laden with sugar, salt and other chemicals and preservatives. Making a good quality granola [...]

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The rainbow carrots available in our stores now offer so much more than just pretty colours. I would purchase them simply because they look beautiful, but they also pack a punch in terms of [...]

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Nourishing your body is not just down to good nutrition, movement and exercise plays a very important role too. I love Pilates as a form of exercise because it is powerful enough to [...]

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As a registered dietitian, I have worked alongside many clients in meeting their wellness goals. My goal is for all my clients to be healthy, energetic and motivated. Good nutrition is not about counting calories, eliminating food groups and deprivation – it is about choosing fresh foods that nourish your body. Feeling healthy and well is not achieved by a fad diet or overnight detox but it is rather a consistent lifestyle choice… read more

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This page lists some helpful and inspirational websites, books and apps to help you along your healthy journey. There is a huge amount of nutritional and health information available on the internet, however often this information often lacks in scientific evidence. I have personally found the resources listed here dispense very practical and helpful as well as scientifically sound advice.

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